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We know it's tempting to skip these Policies, but it's important to establish what you can expect from us as you use MobCity Productions™ website.


Dear MobCity Productions,

I am submitting to you certain material which may be submitted in written, visual, pre-recorded and/or oral form (hereinafter referred to as the “Material”) under the terms and conditions stated herein:

  1. I acknowleI acknowledge that you receive numerous solicited and unsolicited submissions of ideas, formats, stories, and that many such submissions heretofore or hereafter received by you are similar to or identical to those developed by you or your employees or to those otherwise available to you. I further acknowledge that you would refuse to accept, consider or otherwise review the Material in absence of my acceptance of each and all provision of this agreement (“Agreement”)

  2. In consideration of your receipt of the Material, I hereby agree to the terms of this Agreement. I acknowledge that you have no obligation to me except as set forth in this Agreement. Read more on Our Policy here.

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