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'BLOW' Film Review

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

“Blow” (2001) Directed by: Todd Demme.

This true life tale has it all: love, loss, luck, a 3-5 million dollar per day cocaine operation, and the downfall of a gangster whose lucky streak just couldn't outlast Johnny Law.

They caught up with his drug lord contact Pablo Escobar, too. While we doubt Jung's funeral will be as well attended as Escobar's (25,000 locals showed up) his story is certainly well known.

Like Boston George, the movie would end up with fairly close margins – made for $53 million and had a $52 million domestic take, and a worldwide gross of $83 million. Perhaps the most baller move was making the movie about his life: a morality tale with a transformative performance by veteran mob movie actor Johnny Depp.

Boston George was released from prison in 2014, but arrested at a speaking engagement two years later for breaking his parole. Some mugs got no luck.

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Ilan Ben Yuda

Writer, Exec Assistant @ MobCity Productions

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