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Best Wise Guy Quotes

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Here is a list of some of my favorite movie quotes and quotes from real people who have shaped crime-entertainment in the past 50 years. I sat back one day and put a list of all my favorite movies together on paper, and then went through my massive box of DVD's, about 500 of them only to decide to categorize and go OCD on organizing it by genre, for hosting reasons of course, but no honestly what I learned about myself through that was that I'm obsessed with gangster crime movies, period. Comedy is obvious but wish we had more of it, and the obvious block buster fanatics of the Marvels, and the DC Comics, Adventure action movies, John Wick, Fast&Furious franchises, blew back our box office from a slower 2020/21, but still I see the niche and stay in my lane. I noticed a connection between what genres I liked and what else there was, I studied the market, domestic and international sales, the Chinese Box Office, and simply noticed a link between Crime and Hollywood, as it always has been, and always will be a Hollywood phenomenon of curiosity and exploration to recreate for the appreciation of the arts. As Mario Puzo once wrote, " Behind every crime their's a story."

A list of inspiring crime, drama, thriller film quotes from some incredibly talented filmmakers, talent, and criminals, hand picked from watching each film. Here is our top 50 quotes. If you like our content, please like this post and share it!