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Film Review: 'How I fell in Love with a Gangster'

The biggest gangster in Poland's History.

A 2022 Polish gangster, crime, drama movie about one of Polands biggest gangsters, a fuck boy who went from no fear, to a fearful drug addict with constant changing music that did not make all that much sense. The actors however were awesome. Big shout out to the leads who brought the essence of Polish culture on screen. Well written and acted, the cinematography too was playfully lit, almost desperate for creative expression yet refreshing to the eye to see color again.

Editing could have been tighter to ease a more fluid watch, say cut 20-30 minutes. Even though in reality Polish people love to talk until sunrise while enjoying the stereotypical shots of vodka, we want the action too if it's a gangster movie. A few scenes did capture some dope action however. For instance the scene when they are at the car junk yard and the car spins out backwards flying over the cops shooting up into the air as the car reverses in slow motion as bullets graze the shot.

Most stories show the emotional toll the decisions of one's actions take on the protagonist, but I'm interested in what they do about it and how they do it. Some people have a quick fuze and when triggered can go to a very dark place. I'm interested in that dark place that we avoid more-so then the illusion of humanities innocence.

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