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Seems like yesterday MOBCITY AWARDS began honoring excellence in crime entertainment yet we are here celebrating the 5th year anniversary in the development of true crime stories for film and primetime television. The awards show, and production company, MobCity Productions did not start with the goal to glorify crime -- In fact the complete opposite. Known as a sub-genre of DRAMA, it was clear to the Founder that crime was it's own genre and niche in the business. It is too big of a theme to be sub to anything. It's its own genre and should be represented as such.

If you think about it, most movies, series even comedies share the same underlining theme, crime, death, accidental human behavior that leads to murder, unjust crime, and stories that have never been told because the crime was just too intrusive or disturbing! Yet this is the world we live in. Why hide the facts. Let's learn from them, especially considering the massive audience true crime brings in, there is a clear interest in the niche. The platform was originally created to give true stories a voice, a medium for gangster crime stories to be told that have never been told before.

Wether we admit it or not, many of us have a dark side. When disrespected, or a family member is in grace danger, the other side kicks in and becomes protective, a side that can image the unimaginable. That does not mean we all act on those dark thoughts, nor should we, but it is inevitable to enjoy to watch the dramatic events take place. Crossing those fine lines of right vs wrong, good vs. bad has always exited, Bony and Clyde, Murder Inc., Al Capone, are just a few movies from the 1920's that started the word of organized crime entertainment. Our human subconscious does love a good thrill, and a good story, and what better then a fearless lead taking all the risk and conquering. Of course there is always an end to that story and usually ends in a big uproar filled with much crime and loss. Is there something to be learned here?

Watching unexpected events transpire and the struggle of humanity overcoming obstacles or learning to live with the consequences of their actions, or not, is fascinating to those with the simple life, with a 9-5, family, 1st home, mortgage payments, and a desire to feel alive again like they did back in there 20's where the world seemed so simple, free of responsibility.

We are the first platform that focuses only on mafia, crime development, true crime, gangster stories, and crime documentaries, covering all crime-entertainment inducing world media news in organized crime. Today, MOBCITY AWARDS celebrates their 5 year anniversary honoring excellence in crime entertainment and we are thrilled to share with you the winners for 2021 below. Even though crime-dramas, and crime-thrillers have been around since the begging of entertainments start, it was never it's own brand. Perhaps because many were afraid any attention focusing on crime could increase criminal behavior? But what if we focus on the events, but delve into humanity and use it simply as a platform to connect, educate, inspire and change perspective for the good through bad? Plus, who doesn't like a good villain, doing things for the right reasons..

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Though Power of the Dog was not a crime film, it had such subtext and suspense that any moment anything could happen, which makes the writer, director Jane Campion brilliant and essential to be considered in the mix of bad ass films made in 2021.

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