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'IN BRUGES' - We trust.

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

"In Bruges" (2008)

Directed by: Martin McDonagh.

You know how you can trust a stand-up guy? You just know the guy. You know he remembers exactly what he said and why.

Well, that's this movie. Nothing wasted, everything intentional. Even in the gangster world, there are unforgivable sins – and Ray (Colin Farrell) has already committed one of them. Depressed and dark, he travels from his native England with his good buddy and co-conspirator Ken (Brendan Gleeson) to picturesque Bruges, Belgium. But his bosses and his own concsience keep him stuck between retribution and redemption.

See, gangsters have complex relationships with their own codes of honor and "In Bruges" is one of those gangster movies that draws you in with compelling reveals. While not based on a true story, In Bruges does bring us face to face with some of the most human and terrifyingly ruthless codes of ethics.

Take a quiet vacation with these fellas and you won't soon forget about it. And don't be fooled by the numbers: while this film was made for $15m and has grossed about half that domestically – the takeaway is as strong as any crime movie, and the performances and cinematography alone is worth the watch.

By Ilan Ben Yuda. Writer, Exec Assistant @ MobCity Productions

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