'The Untouchables' Film Review

Updated: Jan 27

"The Untouchables" (1987) Directed by: Brian De Palma.

If we were to drink for every great line in this movie, we'd all need a stomach pump before act three.

Take the biggest bootlegger of all time and put him against the boyscout of all time, and yeah - you'd have to cast Robert De Niro and Kevin Costner to lead this all star cast in the true story of Eliot Ness bringing down Al Capone. If you are the one person who hasn't seen this movie, stop reading this right now and go see it before someone has to prove that you're touchable.

Sean Connery in one of his best roles gives some of his most memorable lines. If you still need convincing, consider what you must already know about the story - Al Capone made millions from bootlegging, and controlled his gang territory in Chicago with an iron fist. He was feared and revered, he was bigger than life. He was untouchable. Until Eliot Ness forms a small team who can't be bought, bribed, bullied, or blackmailed. It was a war of hand grenades and tommy guns, made obsolete by the legalization of alcohol (which isn't lost on either director or writer).

Yet, it seems like the money to be made from prohibition is still being counted - this movie made more than $75m off a $25m production. Try getting that for a cast like this now! Just thinking about it makes me want a stiff drink.

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