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Vol.2 1960-1990

Created by Klaudia Kay

Media/Format* | Hardcover

ISBN 978 -8-9861215-2-9 

US$60.00 | CAN$79.00

Publication Date: June 30, 2021

Crime Cinema archives compiled into a 3-book collectors edition, titled; Crime Cinema Vol.1-3. 

Since the beginning of movie-making, also known as 'Pre Code Hollywood', crime cinema has always fascinated viewers and inspired filmmakers worldwide. America's first known crime film, 'Sherlock Holmes Baffled', (1903) was a 45-second long short and the first gangster crime movie ever to be released was, 'Underground', (1927). This 100-page illustration coffee e-book covers over 300 gangster, crime, drama, thriller movies over the past 30+ years, between 1960-1990 with detailed production, cast, distribution, and box office numbers. It is the perfect conversation starter and gift for any occasion, especially for movie-goers and true crime and mafia fans, filled with some of the best movies of its times.

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